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Hemispheres May 27, 2024 concept A note that begins to limn the distinctive attributes of master and emissary, right and left hemispheres, suggestive of distinctions between personality and self. The economic interpretation of the self May 26, 2024 concept It's not just modern epistemology but its ontology as well that requires a *tabula rasa*. The disagreeable self May 26, 2024 concept Woolf's intuition of the difference between our public presentation, or personality, and our inner self Deinos May 19, 2024 concept The Greek word δείνος, or Deinos, appears in Sophocles' Ode to Man passage in Antigone. As Sean Dorrance Kelly has written, it can mean strange or uncanny (see Heidegger’s use of the term *unheimlich* in Being and Time). The word provides the root for the English term dinosaur, or terrible lizard. But it also connotes "wonder" and awe.