I think that the Deinos Project begins as a web site, in which I look at a few key strands of my thought and work. What’s the point? To re-become” human, which implies that we are no longer human, but somehow already post-human.

This isn’t the impossible return to naiveté — as Barfield and others consistently scold us about — but a recovery of a long neglected aspect of our being. Additionally, this isn’t a moral argument about a better mode of being; if people are happy as they are, why change?

But if others share my profound sense of loss, of root dissatisfaction, then perhaps there is a journey we can begin together. One place to start may be to identify vestigial humanity — moments where possibilities, perhaps predating our present Dasein-like being, can be glimpsed. So for instance, the moment just after Striking the match.

Last updated on June 24, 2024

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